A wedding is never a wedding without a Yummy Cake

Wedding season is always exciting. What makes it even more exciting is a cake in varied flavors. People dance, people enjoy but the most important is factor is that people relish the cakes of the big day. With all forms of cakes available in baker’s streets and baker’s shops, wedding cakes are signature cakes and the cake designers make it with utmost care and love as it is the memory that is created to last forever. Is there anyone who doesn’t love cake? I guess there can be not a single soul. Cakes are weaknesses of many. With the change in trends, cake designs also undergo changes. The trends that have been followed off late are in variety so that one has many options to select the right one.

Top Three Weddings Cakes that one can’t do without

From a number of options that are available, there are top three that people have got hooked to.

  1. Layered Cakes: Cakes in layers are cakes with surprise in each layer. It is one of the best cakes available and people go nuts over the taste and the surprise element in every bite. These cakes can be delivered to the doorstep of the wedding destination without one even going to a pastry shop for the order. wedding cake delivery in India is making a trend that is convenient for everyone. Brides and bridegrooms like to choose the surprise elements to be added in the layers. It can be customized too.
  2. 3D animation Cakes: Usually, cakes with designs of animated characters are seen. What is preferred these days is the three-dimensional animated character. One can choose from the couple’s favorite characters of cartoons, sports person, actors and maybe even a favorite book. This style of cake is appreciated as it highlights the love of what the couples love. This showers love and happiness in the air.
  3. Photo Cakes: How about adding photo memories to the most important day of a couple’s life? Choose a few of the favorite photos and then cascade the thought of its portrayal on the cake to the online store. If not on email, the stores can be contacted over the phone too. That makes it even convenient for the people ordering as one is sure of the information being cascaded perfectly.

Never tried these options before? It is time to try and see how the couples react. Couples too, like to choose the theme for the cake so that no miss happens on bringing in the show stopper. A wedding cake is definitely the show stopper after the wedding couples.

These cakes can be the perfect gift to the loved ones too. As the cakes play important roles in one’s wedding, being gifted with this wonderfully crafted cake makes the occasion grand and terrific. People also try funny cake designs to make the party fun and unique as conventional methods are never appreciated much. Anything different is the key to unavoidable attraction and cakes are perfect for causing the happiness lingering.