World class flowers for the New Year

Fresh flowers are symbol of hope and new beginnings. Therefore they always make perfect gifts for the New Year, a time to look beyond the past and get a fresh, new perspective. Come new year, and everyone looks forward to starting afresh. Flowers have the ability to help one move ahead, towards a brighter future.

Flowers hold a special importance when it comes to new beginnings and are revered all over the world. They hold a place of importance in every occasion, celebration and festival in almost all countries and traditions everywhere. They give meaning to every special day or ritual in almost all cultures.

Choosing and gifting the right New Year flowers can make any moment a moment to cherish and truly brighten up a loved one’s day. With so many flower option available online, one has the convenience and choice to choose the perfect flower gift. Here are a few popular flowers that are gifted on New Year’s as a symbol of wellbeing, and good wishes in different countries.


Roses are the most popular flowers that are chosen as gifts for New Year in America. Available world over in a myriad of colours such as red, white, yellow, pink, orange peach, or even an assortment of different coloured roses, the Americans love gifting roses in delicate bouquets and bunches to their loved ones.


In the European countries, the most favoured flower is the tulip. The bright colourful and perfect blooms are symbolic of celebrating womanhood and beauty. They are often gifted around the New Year to signify the beauty of nature’s bounty and wholesome beginnings.

Tulips are also popular in Russia, and are often a single stem is gifted to a loved one as a symbol of solidarity and hope.


Peonies are famous in China. The Chinese have a popular tradition to gift peonies for New Year to anyone considered a teacher.


The red carnation is a symbol of passion is the favoured flower in France. The romantic and passionate French often gift red and maroon carnations to their loved ones on New Year’s.


In England, an age old tradition of gifting odd numbered flowers prevails even today. Most often, one can see odd numbered bunches and baskets of lilies exchanged during the New Year.

Lotus and Marigold

In India, the marigold in considered as a holy flower. While it is a flower used in everyday praying, a bright bunch of marigold flowers symbolizes blessings in Indian homes. Similarly, the Lotus, also known as the national flower of India is offered in prayers to God. While they are not gifted often, they make exquisite bunches.


The Gerberas are flowers that are available almost all over the world. That said, in African cultures, gifting gerberas (or African daisies as they are popularly known) symbolizes prosperity and new beginnings.


Orchids are the national flowers of Singapore. Orchids symbolize charm and beauty and love for life. They are often gifted on New Year’s Day.

All these flowers are available on the online product catalogues. One can send flowers to loved ones in more than 500 cities in India.

Why is the Valentine’s Day Celebration in Patna So Awesome?

Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is well connected by rail, road and airways network from the rest of India. Bihar has always been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition since time immemorial. The great warriors like Guru Govind Singh, Samrat Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya and others have always stood out for the cause of the people whenever needed.

Bihar’s contribution towards disseminating the message of peace and love across the world cannot be ignored either. Gautama Buddha has spread the message of non-violence, peace and love from the very land of Magadha (Present day Bihar). The father of Jainism, Mahavira also tried preaching for peace and harmony from Bihar.

Bihar is the world within itself. Whoever comes to Bihar or Patna (its capital city), he or she is sure to get mesmerized by the tranquility, peace and scrumptious food available in the city.

Top 5 Flowers Option for Valentine’s Day Celebration

  • Rose: It is the epitome of love and romance. Certainly, sending someone a bouquet of fresh roses on Valentine’s Day makes him or she feel so special. A single rose petal speaks a lot about love and romance. Definitely, it will cast its magic spell when a person receives the same from his or her loved one.
  • Sunflower: This flower represents one’s everlasting love for another. It is a perfect Valentine’s gift to win somebody’s hearts. The flower emits a sweet fragrance, which is enough to win somebody’s mind and heart instantly.
  • Daffodils: Nothing skips a heart more than having a bunch of fresh daffodils emitting sweet aroma. Daffodil is a perfect Valentine’s flower to elevate the level of a romantic relationship to a new height. Sending valentines day flowers to Patna was never easier. However, it can be easily done by visiting an appropriate online flower store.
  • Orchid: If there is one flower that symbolizes romance, beauty and bonding for each other, then it is orchid. Sending a bunch of Orchids on Valentine’s Day is an amazing experience.
  • Tulip: Lovebirds say that the center of a Tulip symbolizes heart. Certainly, Tulip has its own elegance and enigma on Valentine’s Day. There was a time when availing a bunch of Tulip in India was extremely difficult. Thanks to the online gift system, that one can easily send Tulips to their loved ones within a fraction of second now.

The Couple’s Paradise
Married couples or the lovebirds often throng to costly locations to celebrate Valentine’s Day without realizing the fact that celebrating the occasion in Patna could be an enchanting one. Pubs, restaurants and hotels stay open until midnight in the town for the people to celebrate the essence of love. The mystic weather, cool breeze and friendly people make this place a ‘lovers’ paradise’ in reality.

In the recent times, Patna has rightly got the tag ‘romantic gateway of the East’. Located in the east of India, this thickly populated capital city of Bihar is famous for its Litti-Chokha, scenic landscapes, historical monuments and thick foliage of greenery in most parts of the city.


Become a successful and caring partner by gifting flowers today

When it comes to choosing the best gift, among the wide range of gestures and clichés already available, nothing can beat a beautifully-wrapped bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Be it somebody’s birthday, anniversary, or an occasion to thank or apologise to someone; flowers can mend any broken relationship, that’s the power they possess.

Each day, millions of people receive or send across flowers as a way of expressing themselves and their feelings to their loved ones. And, the gesture always works! A lot of people do believe that gifting flowers is a sheer waste of money and time. However, one needs to remember that these flowers possess the power of instantly cheering up the mood and spirit of the recipient sans complications and worry.

The vast range of colours and the mesmerising fragrance of every flower just add to the moment making it all the more special. Therefore, it is majorly preferred by most people around the world, regardless of them being a fan of romance, love, adoration or not.

If you are also looking at one of the above mentioned reasons to please someone living in Patna instantly, following are the best handpicked flowers that can be sent across to the special someone. Send flowers to Patna with these easy ways, and get a grip over the relationship today.

  1. Sunflowers: While most people opt for mainstream flowers, not many know that sunflowers can actually do the job, thanks to their unconventional qualities. Sunflowers resemble light, positivity and shine, which are exactly needed in mending the relationship or strengthening it. Thus, a personalised bouquet of sunflowers can definitely work in breaking the ice. One can either make a bouquet to wonderfully present these flowers or make a manual bunch and send. Sunflowers need not be blended with other flowers so don’t bother adding other colours to this bunch.
  2. Orchids: Orchids are a bunch of those flowers that have the immense capability to immediately lighten up the vibe around, no matter how negative it was before. They also look gorgeous in a bunch. The best move one can make with this package is to send across a love note along. It perfectly fits the mood and brightens up the moment. Last but certainly not the least, orchids smell amazing among all the other existing flowers in the world. No wonder perfumes and other beauty products are made out of them. Now you know why!
  3. Roses: Forget clichés, roses are hands down the best choice one can make ever! They have the immense capacity to shift moods, thanks to their vibrant colours and enchanting fragrance. Roses can be easily utilised to say sorry to someone or thank them; to mend a broken relationship or to start a new one. The best part is that they are not limited to only one colour; one can pick various colours in order to prepare a bunch of roses before sending them across to loved ones.